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Komplektas Metabo LPZ 4 Set Pneumatic 601585000

  • Komplektas Metabo LPZ 4 Set Pneumatic 601585000

    Kodas: 4007430246332
    45.64 su PVM
    (37.72  be PVM)
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  • The most important features of the Metabo LPZ 4 Set:

    Metabo LPZ 4 Set is a set of pneumatic tools , which includes:
    The blow gun has a light, durable housing made of die-cast aluminum.
    Adapter with a clamping device for pressure control and tire inflation. A pressure gauge in a rubber casing protects against mechanical damage.
    Paint spray gun with a gravity tank.
    Flexible spiral PA hose for professional use. It does not leave permanent transverse constrictions when folded. It is resistant to abrasion.

    Equipment of the LPZ 4 Set:

    Blow gun,
    Adapter for inflating tires,
    Paint spray gun with gravity hopper,
    PA spiral hose,
    EURO and ARO / Orion 1/4 "plug nipple
    Recommended compressor for continuous operation:

    Basic 250-24 W OF
    Basic 250-24 W.
    Basic 250-50 W.
    PowerAir 350
    PowerAir V400
    Mega 400-50 W
    Mega 400-50 D
    Mega 350-100 W
    Mega 350-100 D
    Mega 350-150 D
    Mega 550-90 D
    Mega 520-200 D
    Mega 580-200 D
    Mega 700-90 D
    Mega 650-270 D