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  • Siaurapjūklis Jigsaw Makita 4351FCTJ

    Kodas: 88381639224
    170.39 su PVM
    (140.82  be PVM)
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 3 vnt.
    Išsiuntimo Laikas
    1 d.d.
    Galia, W
    720 W
    Maksimalus pjaunamo plieno storis, mm
    10 mm
    Maksimalus pjaunamos medienos storis, mm
    135 mm
    Prekės tipas
  • Weight
    4.46 kg

    Voltage (V)
    Capacity for wood (mm)
    Power (W)
    Stroke movement (rpm)
    Power source
    Mains power
    Operating noise dB(A)
    Capacity for metal (mm)

    Makita's jigsaw 4351FCTJ is an efficient pattern saw with a tubular frame, which is suitable for the demanding needs of professionals. The saw's standard electronics keep the revolutions constant even under load and guarantee an even work trace. Versatile equipment is included. The Makita 4351FCTJ jigsaw is very well vibration-damped, thanks to which even long-term work is pleasant and the sawing mark is precise. The power of the saw is 720 W, and it has a three-position pendulum function, with which you can adjust the sawing power to suit the object being worked on: the more pendulum, the faster the sawing, but the correspondingly more tearing sawing mark on the side of the machine. A straight body jigsaw is a very practical tool for, for example, a furniture installer, because sawing can also be done neatly from below the object to be sawed, where the sawing mark is often wanted to be neater. • quick attachment of the blade • adjustable speed • standard electronics keep the speed constant • 3-position pendulum function • included blade set, plastic base plate and tear protection Makita's multi-purpose jigsaw has a very versatile selection of blades, which makes it suitable for sawing wood, metal and many other materials. Check out the comprehensive selection of supplies in our online store or in the store! The 4351FCTJ jigsaw has a quiet running sound and a bright LED light that illuminates the sawing line to ensure an accurate end result. The deburring function directs sawdust away from the sawing line and makes sawing easier. The quick attachment of the blade speeds up the work, because changing the blade does not waste time. The plastic base plate of the jigsaw protects scratchable surfaces, and it should always be kept in place when working with sensitive materials. The handle has a non-slip rubber coating, which gives you a good and firm grip. The jigsaw is packed in a durable Makpac bag, where it is convenient to store and transport it with accessories to the job site.