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  • Makita AF506 pneumatic nailer

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  • The Makita AF506 pneumatic nailer is designed to drive spikes 15-50 mm in size into soft and hard surfaces made of wood. The model is characterized by a small contact element, thanks to which better visibility is obtained, and in addition, the precision of shooting pins is much greater.

    The advantage is the possibility of regulating the depth of driving the nails of the "wire rods" - with the use of a knob. Removal of blocked nails is done without the use of any tools. The handle is comfortable to hold, hence the guidance of the Makita AF506 pneumatic nailer becomes more reliable. This feature is additionally enhanced by the anti-slip elastomer used.

    The magazine sight glasses allow you to control the number of nails available. The model complies with the EN ISO11148-13 standard. The directional air and dust discharge nozzle in the tool housing is an extension of the functionality. The presence of an air blow nozzle eliminates chips and dust.


    Specifications of the Makita AF506:
    Nail length: 15 - 50 mm
    Nail diameter: 1.2 mm
    Magazine capacity: 100 rds
    Minimum hose diameter: 6.5 mm
    Magazine angle: 100 °
    Working pressure: 4.9 - 8.3 bar
    Recommended compressor: AC640 / MAC610
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 250 x 70 x 256 mm
    Weight (EPTA): 1.3 kg
    Depth of drive adjustment (with knob)
    Single shot or fast sequential insertion
    Small pressure piece
    Direct bonded nails
    Removal of stuck nails without the use of tools
    Elastomer coated handle
    Compliant with EN ISO11148-13
    Air and dust discharge nozzle (push button actuation)

    Included with the Makita AF506:
    Makita AF506 pneumatic nailer
    Case HY00000090