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  • Irobot Vacuum cleaner Roomba i3+ (i3558)

    Kodas: 5060629983325
    391.81 su PVM
    (323.81  be PVM)
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 3 vnt.
    Išsiuntimo Laikas
    Dulkių siurblio tipas
    Talpa, l
    0.4 l
    Įkrovos laikas
    1.5 h
    Drėgno valymo sistema
  • Height 9.2 cm
    Diameter 34 cm
    Libra 3.2kg + 4.3kg (Clean Base station)
    Clean Base dimensions 31cm x 39cm x 48.5cm
    Filters AeroForce + Allergen Lock in bags at the Clean Base station
    Battery Li-Ion
    Floating cleaning head with 2 rubber main brushes Yes
    Dirt container type AeroForce washable
    Dirt bin full indicator Yes
    Additional filters 1 piece.
    Ability to use Virtual Walls Yes
    iRobot Home app Yes
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    The minimum version of the mobile device software to operate the iRobot HOME application iOS14 or Android 9
    Advanced work schedules Yes
    Creates smart maps 1 map
    Displays a cleaning summary map Yes
    Cleans by room Yes
    It cleans in a line Yes
    Doesn't fall down stairs, drop-offs (Cliff Detect) Yes
    Dirt detection and concentration of work (Dirt Detect) Yes
    Spot cleaning function Yes
    Automatic return to the docking station and charging Yes
    Loading and resuming work Yes
    Effective cleaning of fur and hair Yes
    Charging and cleaning station with anti-allergy system Yes 

    It thoroughly vacuums using a 3-stage cleaning system. Equipped with a Clean Base station, to which the robot empties its dirt container on its own for up to 60 days. 

    Cleaning that anticipates your needs
    Roomba ® i3+ learns your habits and creates personalized cleaning schedules based on them. It also suggests additional vacuuming during the period of plant pollen or pet shedding.

    He won't miss even a crumb!
    Your dream of a clean home can finally come true! The Roomba ® i3+ robot uses a 3-stage cleaning system, advanced sensors and Dirt Detect technology to keep your floors sparkling clean.
    The robot will always complete its cleaning job thanks to the Recharge and Resume feature - when the battery is low, the Roomba ® i3+ will return to the base to recharge, then resume cleaning where it left off.

    The perfect cleaning duo
    Cross off vacuuming and mopping from your to-do list. The Roomba ® robotic vacuum uses advanced Imprint Link technology to coordinate the operation of the Roomba ® robot vacuum and the Braava jet ® m6 robot mop.
    First it vacuums the Roomba ® , then when it's done, the Braava jet ® m6 starts mopping, thoroughly cleaning the floors in your home, without any effort or supervision on your part.

    You can forget about vacuuming for months
    Cleans up after you and yourself: You don't have to touch dust and dirt for months as the Roomba ® i3+ Robot Vacuum automatically empties into the Clean Base with Auto Dirt Disposal.
    The AllergenLock bags used in this system retain 99% of allergens, pollen and mold and can hold accumulated dirt and pollutants for up to 60 days.