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Inverteris IPS 500W 12V/230V voltage converter

  • Inverteris IPS 500W 12V/230V voltage converter

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  • The IPS series of electronic voltage converters is used to power electrical devices requiring 230V alternating voltage from batteries and car installations with 12V or 24V DC voltage. Converters are perfect for places where there is no possibility of direct connection to the power grid.

    The IPS series converters produce the so-called modified sine wave. It is an alternating voltage with a square wave whose RMS value is identical to the RMS value of a sine wave occurring in the power grid.

    Thanks to the use of such a method of generating voltage, it is possible to significantly reduce the price and increase the reliability of the entire device. 

    Input: Cigarette lighter plug
    Output: 1xUSB
    Continuous power: 300W
    Impulse power: 500W
    Battery voltage: 12V
    Input voltage: 11-15V
    Output voltage: 220-235V
    Undervoltage protection threshold: 12V: 10.7 V (+- 0.3 V)
    Voltage Waveform: Modified Sine
    Efficiency at full load: 92%
    Working temperature: -10-40°C