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Bosch PKP 18 E

  • Bosch PKP 18 E

    Kodas: 3165140289597
    29.04 su PVM
    (24.00  be PVM)
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 1 vnt.
    Išsiuntimo Laikas
    1 d.d.
    Klijų dydis
    11 x 45 - 200 mm
    Šildoma temperatūra
    200 ° C
  • The handling of the PKP 18 E Bosch 0603264508 glue gun is light, pleasant and safe, and the electronically controlled heater guarantees clean work and stable glued joints. Perfect for gluing cardboard, glass, tiles, wood, stone, fabrics, cork, plastics and many other materials

    Rapid heating of the device is ensured by an electronically controlled heater, which in a few moments reaches a constant operating temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. An additional advantage is the mechanical feed system, which enables accurate and even application of the adhesive to the work surface.

    The Bosch 0603264508 glue gun has an integrated drip protection that minimizes the possibility of spontaneous leakage of glue. The device allows access to hard-to-reach places thanks to the use of a practical, long nozzle, and a special support guarantees the stable position of the glue gun.


    Technical data:

    Gluing efficiency: 20 g / min
    Working temperature: 200 ° C
    Adhesive insert dimensions: 11 x 45 - 200 mm
    Weight of the device: 0.35 kg