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Cordless brushcutter UR100DZX Makita

  • Cordless brushcutter UR100DZX Makita

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  • The Makita UR100DZX battery brushcutter is powered by CXT technology, which is characterized by high solidity, high power and ergonomic design. Another technology that the brushcutter has is XPT - it protects the most important elements of the tool against moisture and dust, thanks to which the operating capabilities of the UR100DZX model are at a high level. The length of the telescopic tube is adjustable, so that the user can, if necessary, increase its length to reach high places.

    The wire cover is foldable, which means that the operator does not damage the plants during operations. For the convenience and comfort of work, the UR100DZX brushcutter has been equipped with a loop-type handle with 6 angle settings - this allows you to quickly adjust it to the working position. If necessary, the user can use a plastic knife, the cutting width of which is 230 mm.


    Specifications of Makita UR100DZX:
    System: CXT 10.8V / 12V max CXT
    Voltage (V): 10.8 / 12 max
    Battery type: Li-ion
    Maximum speed with the cutting tool (rpm): 10000
    Cutting width (cm): 26
    Spindle thread: M8 x 1.25 RH
    Standard cutting tool: 1-string. cutting head
    Overall length (mm): 845 - 1195
    Weight (EPTA) (kg): 1.9 - 2.1
    The trimmer is compatible with the entire lines of Makita batteries from the CXT 10.8V and 12V max CXT series (e.g. BL1015, BL1020B, BL1040B, BL1016, BL1021B, BL1041B.)

    Cutting head with 1 plastic knife (198848-3)
    Spare plastic cutting blade 5 pieces (198851-4)
    Loop handle (458505-8)
    Cutting head guard (135950-1)
    Shoulder belt (125516-5)
    Allen key 4 (783202-0)
    Key set bag (831304-7)