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Stanley Młotek ciesielski rączka stalowa 600g (SL-51-937-1) BESTSELLER!

  • Stanley Młotek ciesielski rączka stalowa 600g (SL-51-937-1) BESTSELLER!

    Kodas: 3253561519376
    13.31 su PVM
    (11.00  be PVM)
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 1 vnt.
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  • The Antivibe 1-51-937 Stanley Fatmax claw hammer has a magnetic nail holder, which ensures precise hammering every time, without the need to hold the other hand - a function especially useful when carrying out activities on a ladder or roof. The handle is ergonomic, thanks to which the hammer fits well in the hand. Vibrations are reduced thanks to the patented tuning-fork system - this reduces the effect of a tired hand and possible wrist injury. The construction of the hammer is single-body, which ensures long-term reliability and perfect balance.


    Specifications 1-51-937 Stanley Fatmax:
    Handle: steel handle
    Handle: non-slip
    Shaft: monolithic
    Face: magnetic
    Weight: obucha 600 g